Serving California
Kelly Campbell Insurance Services, Inc. is a full line Commercial Brokerage/ Agency located in Newport Beach, California. Our goal is to save our customers time, money and effort. Most significantly, we will protect your business from the affects of a catastrophic event while providing a safeguard for your valued source of revenue. The key dynamic of our Brokerage/Agency is to customize your needs with some of the best A+ rated carriers in the insurance industry. The companies we represent write distinctive and competitive programs in unlimited business class codes. KCIS, Inc. thrives in the competitive insurance environment. We are the calmness in the eye of the storm. We adapt our products, programs and services to meet the individual's demands of service, coverage limits and reasonably priced solutions.

Our major lines of business include retail, mid-size (manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers), Business Service’s, Special programs, master policies, and specific associations.

We provide a variety of insurance products and services to Corporate, Institutional, Professional, and Individual clients. When you call Kelly Campbell Insurance Services, Inc. you will be greeted by a helpful and friendly person. We are here to help you answer any questions that you have about your current insurance policy or a new policy inquiry. Call us today. We are ready to assist you.

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